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Chess lessons for children and adults


              One to one


 Our one to one lesson are       tailored to the individual's         playing style and ability.             We start with building a             good foundation and then         building on the knowledge.   




Our group lessons are for all levels, more experienced and beginners. The lessons are interactive sessions where everybody is encouraged to contribute.


   Online and in person 


We offer online and face to face lessons where possible. We use a number of online chess tools to track players improvement. We cater for all abilities.




We provide chess lessons in a number of schools in Berkshire and Oxfordshire. Our aim is to empower young minds by teaching them the art of playing chess well.

Why choose ChesswithDino?

      Unique approach

We have a holistic approach to teaching chess. We focus on both the technical aspect of chess and on the mental side so our students are ready for ups and downs in their games.


We have over 20 years of experience in coaching. The age range starts from 5 with no upper limit! Our coach has a current Enhanced DBS certificate.


We know that everyone has a different way of learning and our style of coaching adapts and is tailored to the pupil's style of learning and their way of understanding.   


Children learn best when they are having fun, so we make sure that we create the right environment for them. Our first objective is to create a good rapport with the child.

In addition, our students' achievements include:

UK Under 9 Champion

French Under 10 Champion

Qualifiers for World Junior Championship

Qualifier for European Junior Championship

Many Terrafinalists


"As a parent of my son, who was starting out in chess and keen to develop and improve, I asked around other parents for recommendations of coaches in the Reading area.  Dino was the coach that everybody recommended without hesitation and he was absolutely outstanding in nurturing and developing James through his formative years playing chess.


What impressed me the most about Dino’s coaching methods was that, as well as working on all the technical elements of chess, there was also specific focus on the mental side of the game.  This helped James  enormously whilst playing in competitions, as he developed a resilience and mental strength that often gave him an edge over his opponents in tournaments.  James’s rise whilst under Dino’s tutelage was meteoric, as he quickly went from chess novice to playing for Berkshire juniors, representing England, becoming a FIDE Master and then an International Master in a very short space of time.  


I have no doubt that Dino played a significant role in his accelerated improvement.  As well as being a quite brilliant coach, Dino is a really nice person, genuinely interested in the progress of his pupils and full of encouragement and support as he guides and nurtures them.  He is without question the best coach that James could ever have had starting out in chess and I would have no hesitation in recommending him to any parents looking to give their children the best possible start in chess."  

                                                                                                                                                    "Andrew A"  


For further examples of testimonials, please, click here.

                                                                              Dino in news




Dino has been an advocate of chess since his young age. He firmly believes that with the proper training, nurturing and mental discipline of chess, young people can be prepared for the adulthood and life challenges.

He has been coaching young adults, ages 5 to 18, as well as coaching Berkshire and England juniors. Many of his pupils have become members of the England chess squad and some have later qualified for the Junior European and World championships.

Under his guidance, they were able to deepen their technical abilities as well as increase their confidence, develop and improve their can do attitude, develop competitiveness and determination to win, learn about time management and make their thinking process faster and more efficient.

The above sets the mental discipline of chess apart from any other game and taking into account what has been said above he feels that chess is more than just another game. 

Dino is security cleared and has a current and Enhanced DBS certificate. He also works as a chess coach at Eton College in Windsor and is a holder of Candidate Master (CM) title.

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