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Working with children


Running chess clubs in schools coupled with our wealth of experience of coaching children for many years has enabled us to learn what works well with children. Thanks to our approach and methods many of our children students have become the best they can be.


Please see section Our students’ achievements on the Homepage.

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When working with children, our first task is to create a good rapport with them. 

Secondly, we do not teach children how to play chess. Instead, we create a good environment where children can explore, learn and, most importantly, draw conclusions for themselves.


When faced with a challenge, we do not tell them the answers, instead, we lead them towards the solution by giving them extra information and letting them to work it out for themselves and arrive at the right solution.

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This way of coaching has many benefits.

Firstly, they will feel a sense of pride and achievement and in turn they will be more motivated to learn more about chess and in general they will feel better about themselves.

Secondly, their ways of thinking and approaching a problem from different angles is developing which is beneficial to all aspect of our lives, not only chess.

Thirdly, their full engagement in the lesson is guaranteed and hence they gain the maximum benefit from the lesson.

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For a parent, this is the best gift that they can give to their child, an opportunity to learn the art of chess.

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