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We offer two types of coaching, one to one and group coaching. We cater for all levels from beginners to advanced.  The training can start from learning the name of the pieces, how the pieces move, learn the language of chess and so on. Before training begins, a free assessment of each child is carried out to ascertain their current level.


Chess Club for children in Caversham

One to one coaching

One to one coaching is the best way of training as it is tailored to the individual’s ability and style of playing.  The training will include studying openings, middlegames and endgames. Games played by the children will be analysed, mistakes will be highlighted, explained and the alternative plan suggested and explained. Child will receive an opening repertoire that is a number of openings to play as white and black. The opening repertoire will be tailored to the individual’s playing style and level.


Group coaching

Groups are made of a number of children who are of a similar level. During the group lesson, we will be analysing openings, middlegames and endgames. These are interactive classes where everybody is encouraged to contribute and ask questions. If in a classroom, we will be playing games against each other using chess clocks. Each child will receive help and guidance, as required, to complete the task in hand.




The progress of each child is carefully monitored and each child will receive advice on he part of the game they need to improve, for example, openings, middlegame or endgame, or how to approach and analyse a position. Children will have an over the board  or online grade depending where the games are played.

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