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Group lessons

All group lessons are face to face. 

For the schedule of lessons, please see our timetable.


Chess Club for children in Caversham

Our group coaching is beneficial to all students and we use a demonstration chess board rather than a computer screen. We create tournament like environment and play games with the same time controls as they are played for Giga final, Mega final and other competitions.



The format of the lesson could be described as following:

We start with a chess position and we explain the pros and cons for both sides, the white and the black. As these are interactive lessons, the questions are asked and answered throughout the lesson. Once we have understood the ideas in this position and know what we need to do, we move onto the next part of the lesson.

Now it is time to apply our newly acquired knowledge. A new position is set up on the demonstration board and which is then replicated on children’s chess boards and the play starts.


Their play is supervised and they receive instant feedback, either a suggestion for a better move with an explanation of why it is a better move or a confirmation that their plan is the correct one which will increase their confidence when playing similar positions.

This is a short summary of the practice and exercises we do in our group lessons.

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