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Chess in schools

Chess is an important addition to any school curriculum. Chess helps students to improve their ways of learning and to develop an array of important intellectual skills. Perhaps the most important skill of all that the students will learn is Emotional intelligence or the way that we deal with our emotions.


The value of learning chess is officially recognised in many countries, including UK, and some schools in UK have integrated chess into their curriculum.


The benefits of integrating chess into educational curriculum extends far beyond academic capabilities.


Students will learn the skills of analysis, planning, time management, thinking ahead and hence being proactive. Chess also improves concentration and improves self-control, develops self-esteem, decreases violence, and promotes situational awareness.

Furthermore, the students will learn how to approach and solve difficult problems and how to make difficult decisions.

children playing chess - 01.png

All of the above skills coupled with the proper nurturing and training will help prepare children and young adults for the adulthood and life challenges.

Does your school have a chess club with a structured approach to learning and FIDE qualified and licenced coach?

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