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"As a parent of my son, who was starting out in chess and keen to develop and improve, I asked around other parents for recommendations of coaches in the Reading area.  Dino was the coach that everybody recommended without hesitation and he was absolutely outstanding in nurturing and developing James through his formative years playing chess.


What impressed me the most about Dino’s coaching methods was that, as well as working on all the technical elements of chess, there was also specific focus on the mental side of the game.  This helped James  enormously whilst playing in competitions, as he developed a resilience and mental strength that often gave him an edge over his opponents in tournaments.  James’s rise whilst under Dino’s tutelage was meteoric, as he quickly went from chess novice to playing for Berkshire juniors, representing England, becoming a FIDE Master and then an International Master in a very short space of time.  


I have no doubt that Dino played a significant role in his accelerated improvement.  As well as being a quite brilliant coach, Dino is a really nice person, genuinely interested in the progress of his pupils and full of encouragement and support as he guides and nurtures them.  He is without question the best coach that James could ever have had starting out in chess and I would have no hesitation in recommending him to any parents looking to give their children the best possible start in chess."  

                                                                                                                                                    "Andrew A"  


"As an International master with 3 GM norms, I would wholeheartedly recommend Dino’s coaching for anybody looking to improve their chess. From my time working with Dino, it is self evident that he is passionate and genuinely committed in supporting his students to achieve their goals.


Dino has a superb ability to convey his acute positional understanding of the game, whilst also focussing on important psychological aspects, including self-belief and displaying tenacity in difficult positions.


Dino played a pivotal role in my progress as a chess player, with my personal achievements being an increase in ECF from 116 to 202 in a three year period, and qualifying for the U18 World Youth Championships in 2009."

                                                                                         "James A - International Master (IM)"  

"When I look back at my life, my career, and my overall success, Dino will rank very highly as one of the most important influences in my life let alone Chess. When he took me on as a student I was around 1300 Elo and 11 years old, by the time I was 15 I was well over 2000 and eventually won the U18 UK Chess Challenge in 2004 as well as numerous other events.


Dino is simply the best Chess coach I've ever had but also gave me loads of life advice that have helped me develop into the human being I am today. He made me focus on the importance of doing small things well, I use this in my professional career which is currently very successful also. I am still a very strong late middle game and endgame player, an area he made me focus on.


Generally, when I objectively look at my chess today, most of it is still influenced by Dino and his skills as a coach, he is simply incredible. He does not know this but whenever I am asked who the best chess coach I know is, whilst I know some sensational coaches, Dino is the name that pops into my head. 

If you get him as a coach you are very lucky, I'd vouch for my entire reputation on that statement."

                                                                                                                                "Ben P"  

Dino has been Peter’s chess coach the last eight years. The journey started when Peter was
10 years old, trying to qualify for the England Junior Chess Team. Dino deserves credit for
helping Peter to achieve this goal.


Dino’s friendly and calm way of teaching chess has really suited Peter. Dino accepted that Peter didn’t want to learn a lot of openings by heart, so instead Dino taught Peter the fundamentals of chess, gradually going up to advanced level. 

Dino is evidently a very skilled and knowledgeable chess player, but more importantly an
excellent chess coach. Peter has enjoyed playing quick matches against Dino where they
focused on specific areas where Peter could improve. He has also learned a lot from
analysing his games and endgame theory in detail together with Dino during their sessions.


The eight years of coaching by Dino has underpinned Peter’s progress in chess, but also
ensured he maintained and enhanced his enjoyment of chess. Hence, he is still playing chess
today and is continuing this at university.


During the years Peter has done well every year in the UK Chess Challenge tournaments,
including Terafinals. He has played in Europe for the England Junior team and won the
National School Chess Team competition.


He has also performed very well in many adult FIDE tournaments over the years. So, I can highly recommend Dino as a chess coach – he is very qualified, but most important of all he is a kind, flexible and friendly person.

                                                                                                                                  ' Lars I'

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