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About us 

Dino has been an advocate of chess since his young age. He firmly believes that with the proper training, nurturing and mental discipline of chess, young people can be prepared for the adulthood and life challenges.

He has been coaching young adults, ages 7 to 18, as well as coaching Berkshire  and England juniors. Many of his pupils have become members of the England chess team and some have later qualified for the Junior European and World championships.

Under his guidance, they were able to deepen their technical abilities as well as increase their confidence, develop and improve their can do attitude, develop competitiveness and determination to win, learn about time management and make their thinking process faster and more efficient.

The above sets the mental discipline of chess apart from any other game and taking into account what has been said above he feels that chess is more than just another game. 

Dino is security cleared and has a current and Enhanced DBS certificate. He also works as a chess coach at Eton College in Windsor and is a holder of Candidate Master (CM) title.

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