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Chess for the over 50s in Caversham

We are starting chess club for the over 50s in Caversham. We cater for all levels, from absolute novice to more experienced players. The location will be in Church House, just next to Waitrose. We will be meeting on a weekly bases on Wednesdays from 10:15 to 12:15. We aim to start on 1 June. Coaching will be provided and we will be looking at all parts of the game, opening, middlegame and endgame. Subscription required.

For any further information, please contact Dino on 07449 313 414 or

Benefits of Chess 

Chess is a thinking game

Chess is mentally stimulating. Players have to think about the moves that they can make, along with the moves of their opponents. There are six individual types of chess pieces and each piece has its own distinctive movement pattern.

Chess can improve cognition

The game of chess is perfect for improving cognition as the position on the board constantly changes. Exercising our brain is important for improving cognition and for fighting age-related cognitive changes. We should aim to stretch ourselves with new approaches and the game of chess provides those opportunities.

As we pay a game, the position on the board changes with every move and that means that we are constantly constantly learning and improving.

Chess does not cost much to play

Playing chess will not break the bank. All we need is a chess board and an opponent. The opponent can be either another human or a computer. We can purchase a chess set for a small cost.

Chess has a social element

Chess provides opportunities to meet likeminded people. It can also be played with different generations and seniors might help their grandchildren to learn how to play.

Chess is fun

Chess is a fun game. Every game is different One of the best parts is just how different it can be from one game to the next. Different opening moves or mistakes by one play can significantly change the nature of play.

Chess helps to relieve stress

Chess improves our focus and concentration and when our mind is occupied the level of stress is reduced or disappears.

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