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What age does my child have to be:

ChesswithDino chess camp is for children between 8 and 16 years. The ChesswithDino programme is tailored to the individual ability of each child and therefore children might be playing other children of different age.


How can I book?

Booking is easy! Please see here for full details.


How do I amend my booking:

You can change or amend dates by emailing or calling 07449 313 414.


How do I pay?

Once your place has been confirmed, further instructions how to make the payment will be sent.


Can a friend or a family member collect my child?

Friends or family members that have been authorised by you to collect your child from camp are able to collect. We ask that all parents/ family members collecting children bring the unique booking ID number and a photo ID when collecting, in order to confirm that they are authorised to collect.


What if my child is ill beforehand?

If your child is ill, has a temperature, or any vomiting, please do not bring them to Club until they are well and have been symptom-free for at least 24 hours. Please note if a child does come to Club unwell, we reserve the right to refuse entry to Club as we have a duty of care to the other children in the Club not to expose them to potential illness or infection.


Is lunch provided?

Children need to bring a packed lunch and drink bottle each day. Please be aware that children on camp may have nut allergies – please avoid nuts and nut products in your child’s packed lunch.


Can I pack nuts into my child’s lunch?

In line with schools, we operate a nut-free policy on camp and ask that you do not pack any nut products or nut-based products. Please see below for some examples of what not to pack.


• Packs of nuts

• Peanut butter sandwiches

• Fruit, cereal & chocolate bars that contain nuts or may contain nuts.

• Some hummus, chocolate spreads & pesto.

• Any food that contain nuts or may contain nuts.

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